Who We Are

The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) stands as the largest union in Somalia, boasting an impressive membership of 82,378 individuals hailing from every corner of the nation. SOCOTU proudly serves as the representative voice for workers spanning diverse sectors including healthcare, education, port operations, tailor and textile craftsmanship, the music industry, municipal services, construction and electricity, communication networks, fisheries, agriculture, transportation, and the hospitality sector, among others. With a robust presence, SOCOTU maintains a network of 18 offices dispersed across the entire country, one in each province, ensuring comprehensive coverage and representation for its members is a prominent labor federation that represents the interests of workers in Somalia. Formed on the 25th of July 2011. SOCOTU serves as an umbrella organization for various trade unions across different sectors of the economy.

Throughout its history, SOCOTU has played a crucial role in advocating for the rights and welfare of workers in the country. It has been instrumental in addressing issues such as fair wages, improved working conditions, social benefits, and job security. The federation has actively engaged with the government, employers, and other stakeholders to negotiate on behalf of workers and foster better labor relations.

Despite operating in a challenging and sometimes volatile environment, SOCOTU has continued to strive for the betterment of workers’ lives. Its efforts have been focused on promoting social justice, inclusivity, and equality in the workplace, while also supporting the development of skills and education among the labor force.

Over the years, SOCOTU has collaborated with international labor organizations and participated in regional and global forums to enhance its effectiveness and learn from best practices. By building alliances with other trade unions worldwide, SOCOTU aims to strengthen the voice of Somali workers on the international stage.


Somali Congress of Trade Union (SOCOTU) strives to achieve justice & promote active involvement in shaping national labor policies


Somali Congress of Trade Union (SOCOTU) seeks to achieve a just society in which Somali workers’ rights are protected.


Worker Solidarity:

Fostering unity and support among workers to advocate for their rights and better working conditions.

Social Justice:

Promoting fairness, equality, and respect for workers' rights in the workplace and society.

Collective Bargaining:

Negotiating with employers on behalf of workers to secure fair wages, benefits, and improved working conditions.


Opposing all forms of discrimination and striving for inclusive workplaces.

Democratic Participation:

Ensuring workers have a voice in decision-making processes within the trade union.