What We Care About

What We Care About

Here's how individuals in the workforce are joining forces to create an economy that benefits everyone, advocating for good jobs and equitable working conditions.

Our team of economists, researchers, and experts, nationally acclaimed for their proficiency, delve into critical topics like workplace environments, health and safety standards, compensation and benefits, healthcare access, and retirement security, providing comprehensive analysis and insights.

Better Pay and Benefits​

When individuals in the workforce unite through unions to negotiate for improved wages and benefits, they contribute to fostering a fairer, wealthier, and more equitable society.​

Workplace Health and Safety

In Somalia, employees possess the entitlement to decline hazardous work, receive comprehensive information regarding workplace dangers, ...

Democracy and social justice

Every individual deserves an equitable opportunity to thrive and make meaningful contributions. Economic and social obstacles often hinder people from realizing their true potential. By collaborating, ...

Equal opportunities for all genders

The disparity in wages between men and women shouldn't persist, yet the gender pay gap in Somalia has stagnated for decades. Unfortunately, for numerous women, the situation is deteriorating rather than improving.

Employment, Economy, and Environment.

Somali workers are the backbone of the economy, yet many working families struggle to make ends meet. The labour movement

Eliminating discrimination.

Somali unions have a crucial role in promoting fairness, equality, and freedom from violence for all workers, regardless of age, race, religion, ability, sex, gender, or
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