Training session on the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) awareness.

1. Introduction

The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) is an independent, democratic national trade union center representing the interests of the working class of Somalia. The SOCOTU and our affiliated unions negotiate with employers for better terms and conditions of work. The organization has 11 affiliated unions representing different sectors of the economy. SOCOTU was founded on the principles of social justice, independence, and democracy. The entity seeks to promote national and international trade union solidarity.

SOCOTU is a member of Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU)) and International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) For more information, please visit our website:

The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) organized a training session on the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) awareness. The purpose of this report is to summarize the key outcomes and highlights of the training session.


The main objectives of the training were:

  • To enhance participants’ understanding of the Global Compact for Migration.
  • To create awareness about the significance of the GCM in the context of Somali labor migration.
  • To discuss the potential impact of the GCM on labor rights, social protection, and fair recruitment practices.
  • To explore strategies for effective implementation of the GCM principles within the Somali context.

2.1 Participants

The training session was attended by representatives from SOCOTU affiliate unions, civil society organizations, and relevant stakeholders involved in labor migration issues. Approximately 45 participants were present.

2.2 Training Content

The training covered the following key topics:

a) Introduction to the Global Compact for Migration:

  • Background and rationale behind the development of the GCM.
  • Overview of the key objectives and guiding principles of the GCM.
  • Significance of the GCM for labor migration governance and international cooperation.

b) Key Elements of the Global Compact for Migration:

  • Human rights-based approach and respect for migrant rights.
  • Facilitating safe, orderly, and regular migration.
  • Addressing the drivers and root causes of migration.
  • Cooperation and partnership among countries and stakeholders.

c) Implications of the GCM for Somali Labor Migration:

  • Enhancing labor rights and social protection for Somali migrants.
  • Promoting fair recruitment practices and combating human trafficking.
  • Fostering migrant integration and empowerment.
  • Improving data collection and information sharing on migration trends.

d) Strategies for Implementing the GCM:

  • Role of trade unions and civil society organizations in advocacy and monitoring.
  • Collaboration between government agencies, employers, and other stakeholders.
  • Policy and legal reforms to align national frameworks with the GCM principles.
  • Capacity building and awareness-raising initiatives.

3. Training Methodology

The training employed various methods to ensure active participation and engagement, including presentations, interactive discussions, case studies, group activities, and question-and-answer sessions. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, and insights related to labor migration in Somalia.

4. Key Outcomes

a) Enhanced Understanding: The training successfully enhanced participants’ understanding of the Global Compact for Migration, its principles, and its potential impact on labor migration in Somalia.

b) Increased Awareness: Participants developed a deeper awareness of the importance of migrant rights, fair recruitment practices, and social protection within the context of the GCM.

c) Strengthened Collaboration: The training facilitated networking and collaboration among trade unions, civil society organizations, and government officials, fostering a collective approach to address labor migration challenges.

d) Action Plans: Participants developed action plans to implement the GCM principles within their respective organizations, highlighting specific areas such as advocacy, policy reforms, awareness campaigns, and capacity building.


The training session on Global Compact for Migration awareness organized by SOCOTU proved to be a valuable platform for enhancing participants’ understanding of the GCM and its implications for labor migration in Somalia. The engagement and collaboration among stakeholders indicate a positive step toward promoting fair and sustainable labor migration practices. SOCOTU is committed to supporting ongoing efforts to implement the GCM principles and ensure the protection of migrant workers’ rights in Somalia.

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