The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) welcomes the improvements made by the Federal Government in the area of debt relief

This significant step reflects a commitment to enhancing the economic stability and prosperity of our nation. While debt relief is a crucial milestone, it is imperative that we continue to focus on broader economic development and sustainability.


  1. Invest in Infrastructure: Allocate resources towards building and upgrading critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and ports. This will not only stimulate economic growth but also create job opportunities for our citizens.
  2. Promote Education and Skills Development: Prioritize education and skills training programs to empower the workforce with the knowledge and skills needed for a diversified and competitive economy.
  3. Encourage Foreign Investment: Create an environment that attracts foreign investment by offering incentives, reducing bureaucracy, and ensuring a stable regulatory framework. Foreign direct investment can play a pivotal role in job creation and technology transfer.
  4. Foster Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): Support the growth of SMEs by providing access to affordable credit, offering technical assistance, and streamlining regulatory processes. SMEs are vital to job creation and economic diversification.
  5. Enhance Social Services: Strengthen healthcare, housing, and social safety nets to improve the well-being of our citizens, reduce poverty, and promote inclusive growth.
  6. Transparency and Accountability: Ensure that all financial resources are managed transparently and with strict accountability. This will help build trust and confidence in the government\’s economic policies.
  7. Diversify the Economy: Reduce reliance on a single sector and diversify the economy by promoting sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and technology. This diversification can provide resilience against economic shocks.
  8. Collaboration and Dialogue: Engage in continuous dialogue with stakeholders, including labor unions, businesses, civil society, and international partners, to ensure a coordinated and inclusive approach to economic development.

In conclusion, while debt relief is a positive step, it must be followed by a comprehensive and sustainable development agenda. The Somali Congress of Trade Unions stands ready to collaborate with the Federal Government and all stakeholders to ensure that these recommendations are implemented for the benefit of our nation and its people.

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