Stakeholders Collaborate to Establish Child Labor-Free Zones in Somalia\’s Agricultural Sectors

The Consultation organized by the Somali Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (SPAWU) brought together various stakeholders to discuss integrated strategies for establishing child labor-free zones in Somalia. Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Mohamud, the 2nd Assistant Secretary General of Somali Congress of Trade Unions(SOCOTU) and Secretary General of SPAWU, played a prominent role in the event.

During the consultation, Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Mohamud highlighted the importance of addressing child labor in agricultural sectors, emphasizing that children\’s rights and well-being should be prioritized. He stressed the need for collaboration among government bodies, trade unions, civil society organizations, and the private sector to create effective measures against child labor. Dr. Mohamud also underlined the significance of education and vocational training opportunities for children and their families to break the cycle of child labor.

The event saw discussions on practical solutions, including awareness campaigns, policy reforms, and community-based initiatives. Stakeholders brainstormed ways to enhance monitoring and enforcement mechanisms to identify and prevent child labor in agricultural areas. Additionally, innovative ideas were explored to provide alternative livelihoods for families who depend on child labor for survival.

Overall, the consultation facilitated a comprehensive dialogue on eradicating child labor, aiming to create a blueprint for child labor-free zones in Somalia through collaborative efforts and sustainable strategies. It is a significant step towards ensuring a brighter future for the country\’s children and fostering a culture of respect for their rights within the agricultural sector.

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