The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) joins the entire country in mourning the deaths of hundreds of civilians and workers killed in yesterday’s heinous suicide attack. The attack which is believed to be carried out by the terror groups in the country has claimed the lives of more than 250 people and the death toll still rising leaving hundreds of others injured. The attack took place near the old offices of SOCOTU in KM5 round about in Mogadishu at around 3pm yesterday.
The SOCOTU through its chairman brother Mohamed Osman Haji has condemned the attack that killed many workers from the transport and allied workers union and hotel workers union of Somalia. Although the actual number of the affected workers is not confirmed, reports from our affiliate unions confirm that over 50 members from the transport workers and over 25 persons from the hotel workers have perished in the incident.
The chairman condemning the attack said, “ we herby condemn this barbaric act and we call upon the government to bring the perpetrators of this heinous act to justice. We feel sorry for the people who lost their lives in this incident and we stand with their families and relatives at this time of grief”.
The chairman sent a message of hope to the workers and people of Somalia and pledged SOCOTU’s support to the injured people. He said, “ I call upon the workers and the people of Somalia to remain calm and exercise restraint. The SOCOTU will give all the moral and material support it can to the families of the workers and people affected in this tragedy. The enemy will take advantage of our contemplations and I hope we shall overcome these challenges. I also call upon the international community, the Somalis in the Diaspora and all well wishers to support the families of the affected people”.

Finally the SOCOTU thanks the people and government of Turkey for their immediate response to the crisis by sending medicine and health personnel to help the injured in the hospitals

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