SOCOTU conducted Day one gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in the workplace dialogue which is part GBVH campaign dialogue that focuses on C190 awareness and mainstreaming GBVH policies unions level

The participants were selected from SOCOTU affiliates in order to strengthen their capacity, raise their awareness on harassment at the work place and change their behaviour on how to end GBVH at the world of work in Somalia.

Addressing violence and harassment against women workers.


Objective One: Enhancing workers’ Voice to END Violence and Harassment Against Women and Girls.

Objective Two: To raise awareness about the impact of GBVH and the importance of collective action in promoting a safe and respectful work environment.

The GBVH dialogue uses moderated dialogue, structured and unstructured questions, group work and presentation to ensure the full engagement, and meaningful conversation among the participants. The dialogue ensured a diverse representation of participants where the female participants were 19 and 11 men.

Additionally, the inclusion of two persons with disabilities further reinforced the aim of creating an inclusive space to end GBVH in the work place. Among the participants were 12 young workers representing the affiliates of Somali Congress of Trade Unions.

Lessons Learnt
Need for sustained dialogue on GBVH and C190 ; A single dialogue session is not sufficient to address the complex issue of GBVH in Somalia’s work place. Participants shared the magnitude of harassment and while they were sharing stories and incidents of GBVH on accounts where they encountered, or/and heard of from the community.

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