The Somali congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) chairman bro Mohamed Osman Haji led hundreds of workers and other members of the Society in a demonstration to protest against the killing of innocent lives including members of the SOCOTU in a deadly attack that took place in Mogadishu on 14th October, 2017.

The demonstration is aimed at mourning the deaths of fellow citizens and sending a message of hope and unity to all the Somali people. The demonstrators called for an end to this massacre targeting civilians and vowed to work with the government in enhancing the Security of the country.

SOCOTU chairman while speaking at Zoobe intersection where the bombing took place condoled with the families and relatives of the deceased persons and wished those injured a quick recovery. He said, “on behalf of Somali workers I wish to relay my deep felt condolences to the bereaved families, I pray Allah for a quick recovery for those injured”. The chairman while calling upon for help for the victims and families sent an appreciation to all the countries that came to the rescue of Somali people, “ I thank members of the international community for their solidarity during this hard times and especially our brothers in Turkey for their urgent response to this disaster, truly a friend in need is a friend in deed”

Brother Haji called on the government to lay down proper security strategies to avoid a repeat of such incident and called on workers to be on high alert and inform the government on any suspicious activity going on around them.

Finally, the SOCOTU chairman assured the people of Somalia the support of the workers and urged international community to help the affected people and their families. He said, “ dear compatriots rest assured of our support and we urge our friends in the international community to stand with us at this difficult time in our nation’s history”.

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