Senior Advisor on Committee Affairs HoP to the Speaker of the Somali Parliament.

Honorable Muse Omar who was a former member of the Somali parliament and currently Senior Advisor on Committee Affairs HoP to the Speaker of the Somali Parliament, was given the platform to say his remarks. In his remarks, Hon. Muse said:

  • It gives me the greatest joy to take part in your 4th National Congress and observe how Trade Unions resolve their internal issues without interference from outsiders.
  • We value the values of collaboration, consideration, social fairness, and defending the rights of the workers who support this wonderful nation of ours. While we appreciate and cherish the liberties we have here, not all trade unionists have the same protections.
  • The Somali Congress of Trade Unions has our full support and cooperation as Senior Advisor on Committee Affairs to the Speaker of the Somali Parliament. In order to improve the circumstances of our Somali employees, we are committed to promoting social discussion.
  • I want to reassure you that on behalf of the Somali Parliament speaker we will do everything in our power to protect your rights. We will also communicate with the committee on human rights because worker rights are human rights.

  • I acknowledge that the workforce has superior strength, and life would be very challenging without them. Developed workers are found in developed nations. This makes it clear that workers are the foundation of any nation.

  • Last but not the least, the Government of Somalia and its Parliament are pleased and proud of SOCOTU, and we have a lot of support for your decisions in electing your leaders here today.

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