Reporting and Accountability

Four times a year, SOCOTU national officers issue reports outlining the union’s work in their areas of responsibility.


National Presidents’ Report

Outlines the political work and campaigns undertaken by SOCOTU regionally, nationally, and globally. The report also updates current SOCOTU strikes and lockouts, and newly organized locals.

National Secretary General Report

 This report is presented by the National Secretary General and outlines the administrative and operational aspects of SOCOTU. It provides an overview of the union’s internal management, organizational structure, and membership-related matters. The report may cover updates on membership statistics, recruitment efforts, and engagement initiatives. It also highlights any administrative changes or improvements made to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SOCOTU’s operations.

National Secretary-Treasurers’ Report

Outlines the current financial situation of SOCOTU, including updated balances for the National Defence Fund and National Strike Fund. Updates current SOCOTU strikes and lockouts, and provides information on recent settlements. Provides current status of SOCOTU assets, such as IT and office properties. Updates newly hired staff and retirements.

National Executive Board (NEB) Highlights

Issued following every NEB meeting, it reports on decisions made and resolutions passed. The highlights report also outlines discussions by the NEB on current and on-going issues facing SOCOTU and any guest speakers. It also advises of former members and staff who have passed away over the last few months.

Audited Financial Statements

Every year, SOCOTU issues audited financial statements, giving all members a clear picture of the union’s finances. The statements are audited by an independent accounting firm and conform to accepted accounting practices.