2. Parliamentary Affairs & Advocacy Department

Mohamed Musdaf, Head of Parliamentary Affairs & Advocacy Department

  • To establish, nurture, and sustain a robust, efficient, democratic, and autonomous trade union movement in Somalia.
  • To advocate for, protect, and attain the rights and privileges of trade unions, while actively working towards enhancing working conditions and employment benefits for all workers in Somalia. This includes ensuring the complete recognition and advancement of workers’ rights, interests, and dignity in their labor.
  • To ensure the comprehensive social and economic well-being and progress of all workers in Somalia, both within and beyond the realm of trade unions. This commitment extends particularly to marginalized groups such as women and children.
  • To shield workers from any type of bias, exploitation, or mistreatment, and to champion their rights vigorously.
  • To elevate awareness and understanding of political, economic, and educational matters among trade unions, empowering them to effectively safeguard their interests.
  • To establish and manage a centralized National Labor Information Center, aiding trade unions and workers in areas like organizational structure, management, employment regulations, legislation, and other pertinent topics.
  • To serve as the intermediary for communication between the labor movement and various stakeholders, including government bodies, development partners, religious institutions, cooperatives, progressive organizations, and employers’ associations, for matters of mutual concern and shared interest.