5. Organising Department

Abdirahman Mohamed, Head of Organizing Department

The department is responsible for coordinating associations within the informal economy in the nation. It also plays a role in formulating policies that address the rights of self-employed individuals and those with uncertain wages in microenterprises, with the aim of ensuring:

To establish robust and larger industrial unions, united under a single national center.

  • To achieve complete unionization across all labor-utilizing sectors.
  • To unify unions through mergers, amalgamations, and federations.
  • To coordinate and bolster trade union endeavors in Somalia, aiming for increased solidarity within the working class through both organic and mechanized means.
  • To encourage adherence to established constitutional principles among affiliate members and the general constituency.
  • To engage with union leadership, affiliate representatives, and secretariat departments to identify labor and civic concerns impacting worker well-being.
  • To communicate with the workforce about political, social, and economic matters.
  • To collaborate with union leadership, affiliate representatives, secretariat, and SOCOTU structures and departments to discern necessities for national events.
  • To offer guidance to leadership regarding worker-centric matters necessitating action.
  • To translate resolutions from leadership and congress into actionable plans.
  • To prepare project proposals and budgets for departmental efforts aimed at organizing activities.