Women conference is attended by sixty five delegates from the 11 affiliated unions.

The conference was aimed at discussing challenges that face women in work places and enacting of laws that protect the rights of women in places of work. The women who attended the workshop related several

incidences where their rights were violated. Among the issues raised included denial of maternity leave or replacement of women when they got for maternity.

Exploitation and soliciting of sexual favors by men when seeking employment or promotion has been raised as a major challenge hindering women to ascend to higher positions in their fields.

During the meeting the participants asked questions on the role of women parliamentarians and how they intend to solve the problem

women face in places of work.

Aisha Ahmed  who is a member of agriculture workers union who spoke at the occasion emphasized that this is the time to end mistreatment of women in the work station.

Chair women committee  Halima Rashid who responded to some of the questions raised assured the women that as chair women they will do everything to ensure that women achieve decency in their work places and that they will champion to pass laws on the same. She said,“do not hesitate to report exploitative bosses to the authorities and to share with us so that your voices will be heard and together we can take action”.

The  of SOCOTU brother Mohamed Osman Haji who spoke at the conference mentioned that SOCOTU will continue to work closely with the women to Abdisalan Yarow Ahmed 1st vice chairman that equality in employment is realized. He said, “ this is just the beginning, we will conduct massive awareness activities for our women and we will not tolerate any violations against the rights of our ladies”.

The meeting was officially closed by the1st vice chairman of Somali Congress of Trade Unions.

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