Minister Of Labour And Social Affairs’ Obstruction Of Trade Union Rights Denounced BySomali Congress Of Trade Unions (SOCOTU)

The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) representing the interests of Somalia’s
working class, vehemently condemns the actions of Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Dr.
Mohamed Elmi Ibrahim, for his complicity in human rights abuses and blatant disregard for
Somalia’s labour laws.
The recent interference by the Minister in SOCOTU’s affairs constitutes a clear violation of
fundamental labour rights enshrined in international conventions, notably Conventions 87
and 98 of the International Labour Organization (ILO). These conventions affirm the right of
workers to freely associate and engage in collective bargaining, rights which the Minister’s
actions have egregiously undermined.
Trade unions serve as independent entities, crucial for safeguarding the rights and interests
of workers, and any attempt to undermine their autonomy is a direct affront to the
principles of democracy and social justice. It is imperative that the government upholds its
obligations under national and international laws, including the Somali Constitution and
ratified ILO conventions, to protect and promote the rights of trade unions.
SOCOTU underscores that the Minister’s refusal to include SOCOTU in consultations
regarding Somalia’s draft labour law and the Decent Work Country Programme is
unacceptable. These actions not only disregard the contributions of SOCOTU but also
undermine the democratic principles upon which our society is built.
Founded on the principles of self-reliance, unity, and solidarity, SOCOTU remains steadfast
in its commitment to advancing the interests of Somalia’s working class. We call upon the
government to respect the independence of trade unions and engage in meaningful
dialogue to address the concerns raised by SOCOTU

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