6. Legal Department

Ruweyda Mo’allim, Head of Legal Department

The department achieves its mandate by offering the subsequent services:

  • Providing legal counsel to SOCOTU and its affiliated unions and members at large.
  • Initiating and safeguarding legal proceedings on behalf of SOCOTU, its affiliated unions, and members, both domestically and internationally.
  • Enhancing capacity through paralegal training courses that equip trade unionists with legal skills. The courses predominantly cover Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Introduction to Law, International Labor Law, Conciliation, Arbitration, Law of Evidence, and Advocacy skills. Noteworthy alumni of the program include past and current trade union leaders and select Parliament members.
  • In addition to intensive paralegal training, the department holds workshops and seminars for trade unionists, addressing pertinent issues and facilitating information exchange to enhance trade unionists’ proficiency in promoting and safeguarding their members.
  • Conducting research on crucial policy and legal matters concerning trade unions.
  • Establishing connections with other progressive organizations to advance labor rights.