4. Information Department

Abdiwali Adam, Head of Information Department

Coordinates organization publicity through methods like issuing press statements, holding press conferences, and conducting outreach initiatives like exhibitions.

Evaluates media content to craft responses in alignment with the organization’s values, including the creation of press statements or media releases.

Offers guidance to leadership on relevant subjects that should be communicated to a wider audience.

Recognizes, chooses, processes, and shares information about the organization in both physical and digital formats.

  • Promoting the organization through various channels such as press statements, press conferences, and outreach activities like exhibitions.
  • Evaluating media content to craft responses in line with the organization’s values, including press statements and media releases.
  • Advising leadership on pertinent matters requiring wider communication.
  • Gathering, refining, and sharing both physical and digital information related to the organization.
  • Drafting speeches for leadership.
  • Collaborating with the media.