The apex authority within SOCOTU is the National Convention, where delegates from various national unions convene every five years. This assembly plays a pivotal role in electing national officers and the executive board. Moreover, it is instrumental in the democratic formulation of resolutions, policy papers, and priorities that steer the course of the union, ensuring that the interests of every SOCOTU member are well-represented.

During the intervals between conventions, the National Executive Board takes charge of implementing the directives established by convention delegates. Their regular meetings, convened at least quarterly, drive the execution of these directives. This board comprises various key members, including national officers, five general vice-presidents, eighteen regional vice-presidents, and two diversity vice-presidents.

Essential decision-making and policy formation tasks are undertaken by the National Executive Committee, composed of the national officers and general vice-presidents. This committee bears the responsibility of shaping policies, devising programs, and effectively managing SOCOTU’s administration.

In SOCOTU, the leadership structure encompasses three pivotal national officers: the National President, National Secretary, and the National Secretary-Treasurer. The National President shoulders the duty of overseeing the union’s affairs, while also ensuring the implementation of decisions made by the National Executive Board. Meanwhile, the National Secretary-Treasurer takes on the responsibility of supervising administrative matters and the financial aspects of the union.