Condolences and Urgent Appeal for Justice – A Letter from Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU)

Dear Members and Supporters of SOCOTU,

It is with deep sorrow and outrage that we address you today regarding the tragic loss of one of our esteemed members, Dr. Sakariye Abdi Jama, in Galkayo, Mudug region. Dr. Sakariye, a dedicated healthcare professional and leader within Somali National Union of Healthcare workers(SONUH) was brutally killed on 9/09/2023 in his workplace at Al Haramayn Clinic.

The circumstances surrounding Dr. Sakariye’s murder are deeply distressing. Armed groups entered his clinic and took his life before fleeing the scene. This senseless act of violence has not only robbed us of a dedicated healthcare worker but has also left a community in mourning.

Dr. Sakariye was not just a healer but also a leader within Trade union, serving as one of the leaders of the Somali National Union of Healthcare Workers( SONUH). His commitment to his profession and our organization was unwavering, and his loss leaves a void that will be difficult to fill.

In recent days, there have been planned mediation efforts in Galkayo to address tribal clan issues in the region. These discussions have brought together intellectuals from Mudug region in an attempt to foster unity and resolve long-standing issues. Dr. Sakariye’s shocking and tragic death has cast a shadow over these efforts and highlights the urgent need for peace and justice.

SOCOTU, on behalf of its members and the healthcare community at large, calls upon both the federal government and the Puntland state government to swiftly investigate this heinous crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. We demand that a thorough and impartial inquiry be conducted to ensure that those responsible for this senseless act are held accountable for their actions.

Our hearts go out to Dr. Sakariye’s family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time. We remember him not only for his dedication to healthcare but also for his unwavering commitment to SOCOTU’s mission. Together, we stand united in our grief and determination to seek justice for our fallen colleague.

In these trying times, let us come together as a community to honor Dr. Sakariye’s memory and work tirelessly to ensure that such tragedies do not happen again.


Mohamed Haji
Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU)

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