Speech by Bro. Hussein Zuke

Brother Hussein Zuke from Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) was invited to address the congress. Summary of his remarks are as follows:

  • We are happy and delighted to be present with you at your 4th National Congress in Mogadishu, Somalia, as observers and witnesses.
  • I would like to send solidarity on behalf of the President of the Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and all of its sectors and members nationwide.
  • SOCOTU would be in a stronger position to fight for all of its stated objectives, including job security, collective bargaining, and greater living wages. We always have high hopes when it comes to trade unions because they always fight for the rights of workers.
  • Our belief is that you appreciate that any organization’s strength depends on its membership and backing, as well as its internal processes and the progressive trade unionism’s guiding principles of democracy, worker supervision, political and social involvement, and independence.

  • Our organization is always prepared to collaborate with trade unions to advance the rights of our workers, and we are always proud of unions like SOCOTU that continuously seek to advance workers’ rights both inside and outside of Somalia.

  • Finally, on behalf of SCCI, we grant you our fullest cooperation and as emphasized by Hon. Muse. SCCI recognizes and welcomes the fair, transparent and participatory decisions reached by the congress here today.

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