Somali Congress of Trade Union

Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) is an independent, democratic national trade union center representing the interests of the working class of Somalia. The SOCOTU and our affiliated unions negotiate with employers for better terms and conditions of work. The organization has 11 affiliated unions representing different sectors of the economy. SOCOTU was founded on the principles of social justice, independence, and democracy. The entity seeks to promote national and international trade union solidarity.

Through the Social Partnership process, Congress can shape and influence government action in key areas, such as taxation, employment legislation, education, and social policy. In general terms, the role of Congress is to: Represent and advance the economic and
social interests of working people; Negotiate national agreements with government and employers, when mandated to do so by constituent and member unions; promote the principles of trade unionism through campaigns and policy development. Provide information, advice and training to unions and their members; Assist with the resolution of disputes between unions and employers; Regulate relations between unions and ruling on inter-union disputes. SOCOTU operates in accordance with its Constitution and Standing Orders.


Somali Congress of Trade Union (SOCOTU) seeks to achieve a just society in which Somali workers rights are protected.

Our Mission

SOCOTU strives to achieve justice & workers’ rights protected through social awareness, advocacy of rights, and intervention of national policies, campaign the enactment of national labor law & upholding the values of solidarity, fairness and equal employment opportunity in Somalia labor environment.


The organizations main objectives are:

1. To promote the employment rights, freedom and dignity of workers and citizens in collaboration with relevant key stakeholders.

2. To build close relation with government, civil society organizations, private companies, and international agencies to improve condition of the work and give quality of the lives of both workers and citizens.

3. To participate the formulation and implementation of policies, laws and programs for good governance and nation-building effectively.

4. To build congress members’ capacity and the capacity of the affiliate unions to safeguard the rights of the workers in different industries and sectors.


SOCOTU commits to encourage the participation by all stakeholders in the decision making processes and openness of the work of the organization to the local partners, government, international organizations and other donor communities that follows strict professional standards in reporting and guidelines

The organization is willing to give time and energy to promote women empowerment that they believe and value for workers. They will also ensure workers have equal opportunity at all in regional and national administrations and authorities.

SOCOTU have a time and enthusiasm to work with regional authorities & national government to support equal employment opportunity and labor rights are protected.

Somali Congress of Trade Union is in search of & dedicated to have an effort and equal participation to women regional and development, social, economic and political process of the country.

SOCOTU is credible and believable to deliver and fulfill its commitment of what has been promised to any stakeholder or partners.

SOCOTU is accepted, have legitimacy, and respected by the community local, national and international level.

The organization is open and sincere that can be requested as a member by any Somali workers above 18 years old


SOCOTU is committed to advocate Somali laborers in all over the world.